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16 September 2021
Hundreds of trainees, including from the State Emergency Service, Victoria Police and Forest Fire Management Victoria have been shut out...
08 September 2021
The West Australian Government’s announcement that it will cease native forestry from 2024 has been called short-sighted and irresponsible by...
03 September 2021
Victoria’s forest industry thanks Stacey Gardiner who has announced her resignation as General Manager from the Australian Forest Contractors Association’s (AFCA).
02 September 2021
The Victorian Regional Forest Agreements (RFA) have stood the test of time and support mature policy decisions that balance the RFAs environmental, social, economic (including timber harvesting), Indigenous, and cultural values. Arising from the 2019-20 bushfires, the first-ever Major Event Review is underway. The Victorian Forest Product Association (VFPA) urges the Review Panel to maintain this balance through a principled approach to this review. 
26 August 2021
Australia’s forest industries are disappointed that AUSTimber 2020/21 has been cancelled. We do however understand how difficult this was for the organisers who tried so hard to work around the COVID induced difficulties, CEO of AFPA Ross Hampton and CEO of VFPA Deb Kerr said today.
20 August 2021
“At a time when timber demand is high in Victoria, domestic supply is stretched, and some imports are uncertain, we need to ensure sovereign capability. A global container shortage is now exacerbating Australia’s shortage of imported timber, and strengthening local production capabilities is urgently required, said Ms Kerr. 

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