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Who We Are

VFPA represents all elements of the value chain from the sustainable harvesting of plantations and multiple use natural forest resource including forest establishment and management, harvesting and haulage, processing of timber resources and manufacture of pulp, paper and bioproducts.


VFPA is a policy development and advocacy group which represents the interests of Victoria’s sustainable forestry. We collaborate strongly with other industry bodies to ensure the best outcomes for forestry generally and our members more specifically. Our charter provides autonomy to manage State issues and we cooperate with AFPA on any issue that transcends State borders and has National implications.

VFPA's Vision & Mission

Our Vision

A united and influential Victorian forest products industry. 

Our Mission

To support and advocate for a growing and sustainable forestry industry that has broad community and government support.


Our Values

Unity in diversity

Our Strategic Plan

You can download our 2021-2026 Strategic Plan here.

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