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Each one storey house stores 22.2 t CO2-e and each two storey house stores 37 t CO2-e.

4.7 million t

Every year 4.7 million t CO2 is stored in our buildings.


50% of the dry weight of wood is carbon.

Wood fibre

Victoria’s wood fibre products are used in every home and commercial building – every day.


Victorian forestry employs 21,000 people, mostly in regional Victoria. Around one third are employed mostly in secondary processing in Greater Melbourne.

$730 million

Forestry generates $730 million in direct economic activity to Victoria and $6.1 billion in total economic output.

Timber processors

Victoria’s timber processors turn wood into structural timber for housing, hardwood appearance grade timber products, posts and poles, particleboard, engineered timber products, wood-based panels and cardboard, and packaging products.

15 million seedlings

Every year Victoria’s plantation owners plant around 15 million seedlings and supply 26% of the nation’s logs.

386,000 ha

Victoria’s plantation estate covers just 1.7% of the state or 386,000 ha – which are certified by one of two global certification schemes.


Approximately 22% of the national plantation estate (Tasmanian blue gum and pinus radiata) is in Victoria.

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