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Forest industries congratulate key Ministerial appointments

Victoria’s forest industries congratulate the Hon Gayle Tierney on her reappointment as Minister for Agriculture, Minister for Training and Skills, and Minister for Higher Education. Victorian Forest Products Association (VFPA) CEO Deb Kerr said she looked forward to continuing her work with the Minister to address the pressing issues faced by the industry.

“Minister Tierney’s portfolios are at the heart of what concerns us going into the future:

  • growing Victoria’s plantation estate
  • easing labour shortages across the sector
  • delivering the Government’s commitment to the Victorian Forestry Plan, including the ongoing supply of sustainable native timbers until 2030
  • developing a sensible policy around native forests that delivers positive ecological outcomes and helps with fire management

“Forestry and wood products touch the life of Victorians every single day. Our capability to produce a renewable product here in Victoria means we provide economic and environmental benefits. The industry, therefore, not only looks forward to continuing its relationship with Minister Tierney but also to working with Minister Stitt (Environment), Minister Brooks (Housing), Minister Carroll (Industry & Innovation and Manufacturing Sovereignty), Minster Kilkenny (Planning), and Minister Shing (Water and Regional Development pending declaration by the VEC),” Deb Kerr said.

We also welcome the appointment of Parliamentary Secretaries Michaela Settle (Agriculture and Regional Development) and Nina Taylor (Training and Skills) and look forward to working with them in their new roles.

“Forestry can and will play a massive role in tackling climate change. It is the only industry acting as a carbon sink. Planting and growing more trees in Victoria will create jobs, improve our carbon balance, and achieve self-sufficiency in timber. We are ready to get to work with Premier Andrews and his team to realise the full potential of Australia’s renewable forest industries,” Deb Kerr concluded.



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