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Imported wood use at Metro’s new Melbourne station is a slap in the face to Victoria’s renewable forest products industries

Victoria’s forest industries are disappointed with reports imported, not local timber will be used in the construction of Melbourne Metro’s new ANZAC Station, Chief Executive Officer of the Victorian Forest Products Association (VFPA), Deb Kerr said today.

“To showcase the station’s new floating timber canopy 90 metres long and 20 metres wide with imported timber is incredibly disappointing,” said Ms Deb Kerr.

“Victorian native hardwood timber is highly prized for its aesthetic appeal and Victorian businesses like ASH at Heyfield have the expertise to manufacture such engineered wood structures.

“If Victorian native timber is good enough to showcase in the recently completed Victorian Parliament Annex, then there is no reason why local product should not be used for this station project as well.

“Moreover, using Victorian native hardwood is good for the environment as every native forest harvest area is regenerated, it sequesters carbon for the life of the structure it is used for, and does not have the embedded carbon miles travelling all the way from Europe to Australia.

“It is disappointing that Victorian businesses, Victorian jobs and Victoria’s regional communities have been left behind with this purported decision,” concluded Ms Kerr.

The original media release is here: 210706_VFPA Media Release Imported_wood_use_at_Metros_new_Melbourne_station_is_a_slap_in_the_face_to_Victorias__industries


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