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Investment in regions? We’re here for it.

VFPA welcomes NFF’s proposal for regional renewal

patrick mcgregor H5X4UIruajU unsplash
Photo by Patrick McGregor on Unsplash

The National Farmers Federation (NFF) launched its Regional Development Precincts today with Regionalisation Minister, Senator Bridget McKenzie. The initiative is supported by the Business Council of Australia; Regional Australia Institute; Australian Food and Grocery Council, Regional Capitals Australia, and others. The Victorian Forest Products Association (VFPA) welcomes the concept, CEO Deb Kerr said today. The initiative, which recommends more than $1.4 billion in new investment, aims to improve coordination between the three levels of government to create a meaningful, long-term change.

“Clearly making Victoria’s regional centres appealing to both people and industry will overcome a significant hurdle for attracting both workforce and industry. A vibrant centre with facilities comparable to capital cities is essential.

“The national initiative includes the key forestry precincts of the Latrobe Gippsland Region and Warrnambool, promising wide-reaching benefits for those areas. The benefits outlined in the NFF initiative are essential to making rural and regional Victoria more attractive to a forestry workforce.

“Victoria’s forestry regions are in a unique situation to provide an essential, renewable and high-quality product. Investment in these precincts, from infrastructure to housing and education, helps support us in our mission to strengthen local manufacturing capabilities and create local jobs,” Ms Kerr concluded.



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