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Victoria Wood initiative shows Victorians where their table came from

Victoria Wood, an initiative by the Victorian Forest Products Association (VFPA), launches today to educate Victorians about the wood products they use every day, said VFPA Chief Executive Officer Deb Kerr.

Victoria Wood Grain Dark

Key points of the initiative include:

  • Case studies that introduce the growers and makers of wood products in Victoria
  • A microsite that encourages Victorians to rethink forestry
  • Showcasing forestry as an attractive and innovative career path to develop a new generation of foresters and forestry workers
  • Featuring the forestry cycle of plant, nurture, harvest, regrow
  • A comprehensive social media strategy to increase reach

“We are excited to tell the stories Victorian forestry has to offer. The industry does so much more than harvest trees. Foresters care about the trees they grow, the landscapes they manage and the wood products they produce. By sustaining the forestry cycle, we can ensure that we have enough timber and wood fibre for future demand – without relying on fossil fuels. And, unlike fossil fuels, trees are renewable – it’s the perfect cycle of ‘plant, grow, harvest and plant again’,” Deb Kerr said.


The case studies aim to create a connection between the people working in forestry and the products we all love.

Victoria Wood is an initiative to show Victorians how we make the products we all rely on in our everyday lives. Insulation and frames for our homes, musical instruments we play, the table we sit at and the frames our pictures are in – wood is everywhere. But it’s also in the places we don’t even think about such as the biofuels for machinery, pulp for cardboard boxes and tan bark in our children’s playgrounds. It’s time we celebrate the ultimate renewable, grown in our backyard right here in Victoria to one of the highest sustainability standards in the world,” Deb Kerr concluded.



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