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World Environment Day a reminder of our responsibility to grow trees

tobias weinhold hXPomXrpUP0 unsplash 1
Photo by Tobias Weinhold on Unsplash

This World Environment Day, it is important to remember the critical role sustainable forestry plays: improving the environment, storing carbon, and fighting climate change across the world, Chief Executive Officer of the Victorian Forest Products Association (VFPA), Deb Kerr, said today.

This year’s World Environment Day, hosted by Sweden, has the theme Only One Earth, which focuses on living in harmony with nature.

“Sustainable forest, timber and fibre industries are a critical part of the solution in conserving and strengthening the world’s environment. It is entirely possible to live in harmony with nature and use our working public and private forests for wood and wood fibre products as sustainable alternatives to plastic, steel, and concrete,” Ms Kerr said.

“Our production forests do amazing work for the worldwide environment. As trees grow, they absorb carbon, producing sustainable carbon-storing products like no other material.

“As the world pivots away from harmful plastics and other materials, more and more countries are looking at sustainable alternatives. Instead of plastic packaging, we’re all turning to paper and cardboard. Instead of steel and concrete in construction, the world is turning increasingly to specially engineered timber.

“Victoria is a world leader in sustainable forest management and timber and fibre production, creating essential products that we all need, from new homes to furniture, paper and sustainable packaging,” Ms Kerr concluded.



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