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New poll confirms that Victorians want homegrown timber for their homes, more trees planted to fight climate change

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New polling reinforces the Victorian Forests Products Association’s (VFPA) call to increase the number of trees planted for harvesting, which has found overwhelming public support for the State Government to invest in homegrown timber.

A UComms poll in the Keysborough district showed that an average of 86% of voters agree that Victoria should grow more trees for timber production. More trees in the ground will help fight climate change and secure Victoria’s future timber supply. Chief Executive Officer of VFPA, Ms Deb Kerr, said, “Every action – or inaction – has consequences. A lack of vision for forestry by successive state governments, bundled with high demand and a growing population, is now creating a perfect storm. And the brunt of it is borne by our hard-working industry, along with builders and homeowners facing exploding prices.”

“Sustainably harvested and replanted forests and plantations are a natural way of managing carbon, and Victoria’s industry is world-class. Demand for sustainably sourced fibre is increasing globally. Victoria is in a great position to become a global leader. What is missing is having the right policy settings in place to produce and secure this fibre,” said Ms Kerr.

A plantation expansion target forms a key element of VFPA’s two-pillar policy platform, Our future grows on trees. This will deliver more timber to our tradies, help decarbonise Victoria’s economy to achieve net zero by 2050 and drive innovation, growth, and jobs”, Ms Kerr continued.

The latest poll shows overwhelming support for policies that increase our plantation estate and secure future timber supply. 84% believe it is important that the next Victorian Government ensures growing enough trees in Victoria to meet the state’s housing needs and provide local jobs.

“We have a sustainable, renewable resource at our doorstep. Voters are supporting our common goal this coming election– sustainably growing Victoria”, Ms Kerr concluded.



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