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Call for more trees on International Day of Forests

Sustainably managed forests provide a renewable resource for generations to come

According to the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), sustainably managed forests will help us move to an economy based on renewable, reusable, and recyclable materials. As the world celebrates International Day of Forests today, Victoria’s forest sector is calling on all sides of politics to invest in the future of our production forests, CEO of the Victorian Forest Products Association (VFPA) Deb Kerr said today.

“This year’s International Day of Forests theme is ‘Forests and sustainable production and consumption’. Wood and wood fibre products are part of our everyday lives: from building new homes with carbon-storing timber to the table we sit at and the paper we write on. It has lower environmental impacts than many alternative materials such as plastic. But, to keep using this precious and renewable resource, we must prioritise new tree plantings at scale to guarantee domestic supply for future generations,” Ms Kerr said.

“We need substantial government programs for the Green Triangle and Murray Region Forestry Hubs to match current investments in the Gippsland Forestry Region – an additional $310m will improve our sovereign supply capability across these important plantation regions.

“Investment in plantations is good for the planet as the trees will sequester carbon, helping Australia achieve net zero emissions by 2050. It will also provide timber and wood fibre for the next generation,” Ms Kerr concluded.



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