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Jobs, families and communities hung out to dry by Victorian Government’s native forestry decision

Media Release on the decision of the Victorian Government to end native forestry early

The Victorian Forest Products Association (VFPA) condemns the Victorian Government’s decision to prematurely end native forestry, walking away from the promised 2030 phase-out deadline. This decision will devastate our native hardwood businesses, their people and families along with regional Victorian communities, according to Deb Kerr, CEO of the VFPA.

“This Government’s decision is disgraceful. It pre-empts court decisions, and future court cases and prioritises budget interests over people’s livelihoods. We find this decision, made as part of today’s budget announcement, appalling,” expressed Ms. Kerr.

“Native forestry in Victoria has been subject to extensive regulations and international certification by PEFC / Responsible Wood. Despite our relentless efforts to oppose this decision, unfortunately, rationality did not prevail,” continued Ms. Kerr.

“The Andrews Government has squandered a rare opportunity to enhance Victoria’s global standing and support its workforce by rejecting the utilisation of the most sustainable material readily available within our own borders. Consequently, we will now have to depend on imports, whether sourced from interstate or overseas, to produce the hardwood products loved by Victorians,” Ms. Kerr concluded.


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