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Our future grows on trees – VFPA launches election campaign

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The Victorian Forest Products Association (VFPA) has launched its state election campaign, Our future grows on trees. VFPA CEO Deb Kerr said today the campaign drove home two simple truths – the need for more trees, and the role of forestry in fighting climate change.

At the heart of the campaign are two pillars:

  • Our Home-Grown Timber Future: Self-sufficiency in wood products while supporting jobs in Victorian processing and supply chains. For this, the government needs to partner with industry by co-investing to increase Victoria’s plantation estate as well as commit to an ongoing sustainable native forestry industry
  • Delivering our Climate Future: Using more wood products (storing carbon) and replanting trees (absorbing carbon) leads to better ecological outcomes than carbon-intensive alternative materials such as plastic, steel & concrete

“We have asked the major parties for a response to our two-pillar policy platform. Supporting our plan will deliver more timber to our tradies, help decarbonise Victoria’s economy to achieve net zero by 2050 and drive innovation, growth, and jobs”, said Ms Kerr.

 The campaign includes out-of-home advertising in key growth suburbs of Melton and Pakenham (bus backs and billboards) and a comprehensive social media strategy.

“People are concerned with climate change and affordable housing. Forestry can and should play a part in addressing these issues. We will be active in key seats and growth areas. But we will also be out in forestry communities sending a strong signal that our industry has its place in Victoria’s future. Forest industries have come together to support our common goal this coming election– sustainably growing Victoria”, Ms Kerr concluded.

Download VFPA’s election platform document here.

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